Although the round diamond shape is the most popular shape of all there are many fascinating and beautiful alternatives.
Use this list to familiarize yourself with the top 10 diamond shapes before deciding to buy a diamond ring. For illustrated examples of all these shapes see the Diamond Ring Tutorial in the resource box.


Named after the Asscher brothers of Holland at the turn of the 20th century, this square diamond shape has an almost octagonal appeal.


If you want to be a little different, this is the shape for you. Cushion shaped diamonds can be almost square or slightly elongated giving a soft pillow shape.


Emerald shapes are normally cut to a rectangular outline but some can be cut more square. Get advice from the supplier regarding length to width ratios.


Regarded by many as the most romantic of all the shapes, skilled cutting is necessary to maintain the diamond’s brilliance due to the complexity of the shape.


If you want to flatter the finger and make it appear longer choose the Marquise. It’s shape is elongated with tapering points at the ends.


Another shape to flatter and accentuate a slender finger. Being similar to the Round shape, it has brilliance and fire.


This teardrop shape is regarded by many as very feminine. The cut is very important with a Pear shape so the light is reflected evenly, especially at the point.


This shape has the distinction of being the most popular next to the Round shape. It boasts clean, dazzling, square lines.


The radiant shape is similar to the Princess but can be more rectangular. It combines the classic Emerald cut with Round.


By far this is the most popular shape of all. The 306 degree symmetrical shape contributes to the dazzling brilliance of this shape. It suits almost every kind of mounting.

For more information on all these shapes plus the four c’s – cut, clarity, color, carat, consult the tutorial listed below:

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