There is a saying that claims that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. You will find many jewellery stores helping this claim along by selling beautiful diamond jewellery. These jewellery stores however are not as well known or as popular as Tiffany Co. This jewellery store opened its doors to the public in 1837. Today Tiffany Co sells many other products besides diamonds.

These diamonds however are the main selling product of Tiffany Co. The other products that you can find in Tiffany Co are jewellery, tableware, silver items, gifts and accessories. You can find these items at the various Tiffany Co stores. The main flagship store of Tiffany Co is located on Fifth Avenue. This is probably the main reason why you will be able to see many tourists visiting Tiffany Co.

Tiffany Co has other jewellery stores in various parts of the world. The first branch of Tiffany Co was opened in San Francisco in 1963. There are also branches in London’s Bond Street, and Tokyo’s Ginza district. These stores are part of Tiffany’s flagship stores. The branch stores are found in different countries in Asia, Latin America and various countries in Europe. As with all of the Tiffany Co stores the standard of high quality and customer satisfaction is maintained.

To make sure that the diamonds that are used in the Tiffany Co designs are of an exceptional quality Tiffany Co has a long-standing agreement with Tahera Diamond Company. This agreement allows Tiffany Co the rights to buy or market the entire production of the diamonds in the Jericho Diamond Mine. As a result of this agreement the diamonds that are used in the Tiffany Co jewellery designs are beautifully cut and polished.

As Tiffany Co is considered as an excellent quality store the various products from Tiffany’s has long been associated with famous families like the Vanderbilts, the Astors, and the Morgans. In addition you will find that many royal families have purchased some of their jewellery from Tiffany Co. These facts alone should prove to you just how well regarded the many products of Tiffany Co are.

For all of these reasons the next time that you are thinking of buying some magnificent diamonds you should see what can be found in the various Tiffany Co stores around the world. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality, choice and friendliness of the staff. You may even find yourself walking away with some gleaming diamond jewellery from Tiffany’s.