Diamonds are a woman's best gift and are the perfect gift for a wedding or an engagement, one of the most precious and valuable stones of today. Diamonds are a symbol of love, romance and power. However the groom-to-be finds it very difficult to choose the perfect diamond ring for his bride. Knowing the four famous Cs, which are cut, color, clarity and carats of a diamond is not enough to choose the ideal ring. So, one should know exactly how to choose the precious stone.

The style most popular today is the polished round one. It was one of the first cuts and carves that was developed and it depends totally on mathematical equations to create a stone with fire. It is one of the most brilliant creations of the early lapidates. Brides always want the best and most unique ring for their special day. These days diamonds are available in many shapes and sizes. For instance, they are pear shaped; heart shaped, diamonds shaped like a tear drop, oval shaped, emerald and so on. We have so many choices today, that it has become very difficult for us to choose our diamonds. We even have the choice of getting our diamonds cut according to the shape we choose. There is unique faceting of the stone also available, like the square princess – cut diamond.

There are a few patented authentic cuts that are available too, such as the long Ashoka diamond, Arprey and Garrad Eternal cut diamond, Elara which is a square cut diamond, whose corners are rounded, Asscher diamonds which are square with rounded facets, Couples diamond which are diamonds that form the shape of the circle of hearts, or arrows, a symbol of love and romance.

Though diamonds are not a very rare precious stone, its distribution has been controlled by the market, thus making it a very valuable and high priced gem. Diamonds are ranked according to their clarity. It should have a mirror like effect. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is. Diamonds are priced according to their carat weight. The prices keep fluctuating in the market; however the purest form of the diamond is very high priced. A one carat diamond costs more than 10point diamonds and two carat diamonds cost double the price of one carat diamonds.

A diamond is the ultimate gem stone. It is a polymorph of the element carbon. It is one of the most powerful gems and is a pure symbol of love, romance and power. It absorbs the negative energy that comes to the body. It calms the brain, making us very relaxed. It is known to take away nightmares. It is a sign of prosperity. A diamond can be enhanced with accompaniments such as baguettes and trillions.

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