Cut and cutting style work in harmony to create a diamond's brilliance. Cutting style is categorized into three basic types: step-cut, brilliant-cut and mixed-cut.
The difference between these three types is the number of facets in each cut. A facet is an edge that is cut into a diamond. A 58-faceted diamond will have 58 edges or planes cut and polished into it. The Emerald-cut can be rectangular or square in shape. The Baguette is a rectangular-shaped diamond with rows of step-like facets. If the baguette’s two long sides taper inward, it is called a Tapered baguette.

Here are some common names for Mixed-cuts:

Radiant: A rectangular or square shaped diamond with Step and Scissor-cut on the crown and a Brilliant-cut on the pavilion.

Barion: This was the first Brilliant square cut introduced on the market. It has a traditional Step-cut crown and a modified Brilliant-cut pavilion. It has 62 facets.

Princess: A square or sometimes rectangular-shaped diamond with 49-50 facets. Princess-cuts are sometimes channel set, creating a solid line of brilliance along a mounting.

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